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Web Applications

We develope creative and entertaining websites. One example is Scrabble cheat that finds high scoring words in Scrabble from our database. A fast Scrabble word finder will let you win 100% of the Scrabble games. We put filters and other options in this Scrabble tool making it the most powerful Scrabble tool on the web.
We let others download the base code like Word Unscrambler .

User Interface Design

Our design philosophy is to keep it simple and give the users what they want. In Scrabble cheat the users want fast results and a clear interface. Websites must be mobile friendly. Also design is constantly changing as we find what users really want. We have changed about 50 times if you count the minor changes that can have a big impace.


We now do only in house websites. We used to make the code for Scrabble cheat but no one linked back to us and provided the proper credit in a footer. So we removed the code and no long support a public Scrabble word finder. You might find the code on another website but it is no longer available on

About us

We have years of experience in developing software applications. Now we do private websites like Scrabble cheat and Password Generator

Software to Fit

We build scalable, robust, custom enterprise systems,large and small. Every programmer is Microsoft certified in his or her core expertise and recruited based on strong creative thinking and problem solving ability. Our teams are comprised of software engineers, not programmers. Our clients compliments are a testimony to our strong teams and our determination to stay in front and produce quality software. Call us or fill out the contact form and we will answer all your questions free of charge. Our technology drives websites such as

*** We have currently disabled quotes/contacts due to a backlog of clients. We have no time frame for when we will in the future.
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